who, what, when, where, why i love...

Watch this video before I blog then you will understand more:

The 5Ws of the one loved.
Who: The fantasy, the make-believe that things are actually true.
What: The depth, the inside jokes, the best friend.
When: Young lovers who our older self will reminisce.
Where: I will be everywhere just to be with you.
Why: Because before you I don't truly understand what I was looking for.

I can't find anyone else with the 5Ws yet. The one who is none of them but who is all of them.

Some times not everyone get it. They might even leave a feeling of a very unhealthy relation. Complicated, ambiguous... On the one who is a best friend, I do believe in platonic relationship but when it's more than that, it should either become something healthy and if it ain't then the best is to stay away from it.