Frankenweenie & Cold War

Haven't go and watch movie for quite some time before The Fierce Wife. I think at least 1-2 months. Was doing my pet project after work when I received call from Ray for a free movie. Was rushing all the way to Paradigm mall from Phileo Damansara for the movie. Asked Ray to leave the movie ticket at the counter and I will collect on my own but they actually waited for me outside which caused me to become even more nervous.

I didn't asked what movie we were going to watch and actually went in when the movie had actually started. Imagine me walking into a black and white movie. Hehehe...

I still prefer Tim Burton's Corpse Bride style rather than the current black and white though the cartoon received many positive comments. Review has it that it was very good but I think still average because the storyline is very much expected. The only think is that there are parts that are very funny.

Rating: 3/7

Went for Cold War last week. I thought it was an English movie when I see many on Facebook talking about it. I was thinking about the Cold War from the Western history. It was called 寒战 in Chinese though. There was no available ticket for Skyfall that we opted for Cold War since we read so many good review about the movie.

DH don't really like the story saying that it is confusing/doesn't make much sense. I begged to differ as I think the storyline is quite good. There's a twist in the story and I do agree that as a guest star, Andy Lau plays a very insignificant role in the movie. Was expecting him to appear more in the movie. Aaron Kwok and Tony Leung is very good in the movie. "Yao yeng" (cool/awesome). There's still a lot of loophole in the movie. Many things are still unexplained. I am waiting to watch Cold War 2 and to find out who is the final  mastermind behind everything. I was suspecting Lam Kar Tung but ended up he is a good one and died in vain. Is Tony Leong the bad guy who pretends to be the good one? Would Andy Lau has a bigger role in the next movie? We shall wait and see.

Rating: 4/7