Jin Yi by Coffee Ritual

While DH's car was "bathing", I Google-d to find if there's any place nearby where we can sit down to read and drink at PJ. There was a few options but decided to go to Coffee Ritual at Uptown.

Little did we know that the name was changed to Jin Yi while we reached there. It's at Level 1 which is even harder to locate. First I thought that the place has closed down and replaced by Orange Cafe. But we continued to search for it. It's actually located further down from Orange Cafe. There's a staircase to go up.

Located on the first floor, the place feels very modern in renovation but the name spoilt it. The name doesn't suits it that much.

I think it is quite comfy there but DH thinks otherwise because he said that the kitchen should not be in sight for the customers and also the office area. I was not that particular towards such details and as such still okay with it.

The kitchen area can be view from where we are seated at.

The office area but not so clear in the camera 
as there's reflection from the opposite.

This place reminds me of a place - Comic and Cafe House at Jalan Genting Kelang but I think it has closed down since I haven't go there for more than 4 years.

There's one thing bad about it is that lighting is quite dim so it is not suitable to read there. It gets darker as the time past. But it's a decent place to chill out and relax.

I can't drink coffee and wasn't into chocolate that day so I ordered the safest - tea.

English Breakfast Tea (RM6)

DH ordered Affogato (RM9).

It's espresso topped with vanilla ice cream. I miss coffee so much that I took a few sips. Slurp. Love coffee. Hate it at the same time as it gives me gastric. Love-hate relationship.

Total damage: RM17.15 (They have 10% service charge)
Ambiance: 4/7