Of CK or Couch

Don't get me wrong. It is still not within my capability to buy branded goods. CK here refers to Charles and Keith. I love CK's product.

I bought a bag from Charles and Keith lately. Already like it for a long time but was out of budget to buy it. When I got my salary, I went straight to CK to buy it. But they were out of stock. OMG!

Finally found one is Mid Valley. And guess what? The last one was the display. And knowing CK, if I don't get it, I might never have the chance to get one. So, I decided to go for it.

Front view:

Side view:

Back view:

 There's 3 separate compartments. 
One with zip while the other 2 don't have.

 The one without zipper has a smaller zipper inside though.

The 2nd one without zipper has 2 smaller compartments.

I didn't regret my decision though. Many thought that the bag I was holding was a Couch. Hehehe... I wonder if they will reorder it as they have restocked a few times but was still out of stock a few weeks after my salary is out.

Here's the code to the bag: CK2-20740848.

The bag cost me RM219.90. The most expensive bag I have ever bought but worth it.

It comes with white and pink colour. Below are more professional pictures:

Actually I was eyeing on the white colour first. Then I realized in came in black and since black is easier to be taken care of. So, I decided to go with the black one. One thing is that the bag is quite heavy on it own. Other than that, I love the bag a lot. XOXO