PC Expo - Day 1

Went to SS2 Teapot Cafe today at 2ish but it was completely packed with people out til the counter. Decided not to wait as there's no more scone and very less cake left. Guess I don't have the 缘分 to eat here since it's the last day it's going to be opened as per updated by another blogger. Sadly that it's closing down.

Any way, back to the actual topic. I went to the PC Expo at Mid Valley yesterday. I was down at Low Yat Plaza few weeks back intending to buy an external hard disk. I was stopped by a friend's ex-coursemate (whom I don't recognize at all). He told me that the price will go down to RM11x for 500GB external and asked me to wait. 500GB external cost RM205. So, yeah. I waited but I didn't manage to get it at RM11x because I was stucked in a meeting :(

It's only limited and valid with a coupon. 

According to my sister's boyfriend's colleague, the queue started at 11am. I went there after work around 7pm and it's already finished. T.T

Managed to get a good bargain for WD 500GB Element hard disk at RM149. 

The leaftet stated RM189 but they gave discount just for yesterday.
While I was leaving, I heard the boss saying that there's only 2 more left in stock.

It's at the 2nd WD stall located inside. Not the one you see once you enter after Logitech. Compared to the first one, at first they told me the price was RM149 but requires registration. Then upon asking again, they said RM184

The WD I bought the hard disk from is with Thunder Match, behind Buffalo counter.

I helped my friends buy them. In total I got 3 of them while I got myself a 1TB WD Passport external hard disk at RM269. Low Yat is selling at RM295. Not much of a difference but at least still cheaper lar.

I also bought thumb drive there though it's slightly more expensive than Low Yat. You can get a cheaper price at Low Yat Sri Computer. That place has the most variety of thumb drive and at a cheaper price compared to the rest of the stalls in Low Yat Plaza.



They are actually having a selling of RM9.90 for 8GB thumb drive at 12pm & 5pm but I was working so can't get it. You can refer bottom right from the voucher above.

Thunder Match has more variety compared to the rest of the stalls there but 
is slightly more expensive compared to Sri Computer at Low Yat Plaza.

Here's a floor plan at the PC Expo:

Here's the items I brought from the fair:

The things I bought.

The price of the rest of the items:

 Logitech Mouse that works on any surface apart from glass at RM39

Benefits of the mouse ~ no need mouse pad, wireless, 
small plug in device and the battery can last one year. 
Since I need a mouse for office, I might as well get a good one :)

USB 2.0 + Card Reader at RM20. 
Got this as I need USB hub for my PC as the front USB hub 
at my desktop is not functioning properly any more.

They got quite a few lucky draw contest.

Spin the wheel to get a small gift. 
Need to have purchase above RM100.

I got a mini note book only.

And the reward card? It's with every RM100, you get a stamp. With a collection of 10 stamps, you can earn a RM5 discount voucher without expiry and can be used at any PC Expo.

The redemption booth whereby you can also register for lucky draws.

I wonder if the price will drop further within these 2 days. But am just too lazy to go over. Imagine looking for parking on a weekend at Mid Valley and also to pay for the parking.