The Fierce Wife Movie Review

Been very emotional lately. Some times waking up in pain. Not the physical pain but the emotional heart pain. Also the vomiting feeling was around every morning but because my stomach is empty, I can only vomit out the gas within me. Dislike this feeling but then it ain't a bad thing as it made me do crazy things like clearing some loose end. Clear a loose end on Sunday. One more to go next week. Something that has haunt me for 2 long years. I make sure if I fall, I fall hard. At least when I bounced back, I am way stronger. Hopefully by next week, all loose end is settle.

Any way, went and watch The Fierce Wife straight after work on Monday night, alone. Yeah, ALONE! Since it's more for couples to watch, I decided to go on my own as I don't find anything wrong with it. I've learnt to be so independent that watching movie alone isn't a problem any more which one of the song inside suits my mood so much. It's called 一个人生活 (Living alone) which is featured after my movie review.  I will cover the reason why I love it at the end after the movie review.

The movie is actually a final conclusion to the drama The Fierce Wife whereby it ended with the main actress An Zhen still not choosing between getting back with her ex husband - Rui Fan or with Lan Tien Wei who help her go through the bad time. So, this movie is the final determination on who she will choose. Anyone who has watch the drama will not miss it as they would want to really find out who she chooses in the end
even though we some how has an answer in our heart who An Zhen will choose. BUT we can't be sure of that until watching it. 

Though many say that the movie is not that nice, I would say it's worth watching lar. It's funny and partly there's twist in the story. And it kinda remind you of the whole drama. It can't be compared with the drama because drama has a longer time frame to bring you into emotion while for a movie, it's only given a short 1 hour 40 mins. So the emotion wouldn't be so strong and intact. As usual, being a cry baby, I ended up with super swollen eyes because I was sobbing through the movie. *Sniff*Sniff*

I like this part of the conversation between An Zhen and Zoe:
Zoe: 那被人抛弃了又该用什么态度面对? (If being abandon by another, what kind of attitude should we use to face it)
An Zhen: 承受。 把眼泪干然后承受。生活还是要过。 (Bear with it. Wipe your tear dry and bear it. Life still goes on)

The drama and movie actually teaches us moral lessons.
Watching the trailer, it seems that many part of the movie has been cut-off. T.T

Rating: 3.5/7

Love the songs inside the movie:
幸福难不难 (Happiness is hard)

一个人生活 (Living alone)

The first thing that caught my attention on this song is part of the lyric. That one line "我想我可以习惯一个人生活" (I believe that I can get used to living alone) reflects me I guess. 

Here's one song from Fiona Sit. Apparently she was under depression and attempted to commit suicide. But she recovered and came out with this song which I think is very nice ♥ 

We need to be strong in life no matter how hard it is. No matter how many people hurt you, love yourself more. Nobody's gonna care if you don't care about yourself.