Doing crazy thing

I do crazy things when I can't control myself emotionally. Some times or I would say often time, I would bite myself or scratch myself when I am sad/depressed/stressed. Like any Cancerian, I am extremely emotionally. The wave is so big that I can't control myself recently. So, went and do something extremely crazy yesterday. Bought taufu fah and drink.

What so crazy about it? I used to love drinking soya bean and eating taufu fah.  One time, as usual, at the age of 4-5 years old, mum and dad “da bao” (takeaway) soya bean and taufu fah. We had our family session eating and drinking. The next thing I know, I had a very serious allergic reaction towards it. I had red spots all over my body and been suffering & crying for days. Don’t laugh. My mum said that I looked like a monster. A swollen mutant.

This is a bit over exaggerated but still I felt this way.
I have been very self-disciplined ever since then. Never drank soya bean til date. Had taufu fah one to 2 bites for 3 times since then. Never ever dare to have more because of my childhood memory. Actually I was allergic to the artificial preservatives used but because it was in the soya bean, it had been a fear to me.

So, I decided to challenge myself to go ahead and have a try since I’m clearing my leave for a few days. If I were meant to suffer then let it be. At least, I would feel better. Bought it from pasar malam (night market) and ate the whole bowl of taufu fah.

The result? I’m still okay. So, I can continue my love and craving for taufu fah without fear. Next challenge? Soya bean :)