Life of Pi Review

It's been 2 weeks since my last review. I guess I never stopped so long from blogging before for the last 2 years.

Life of Pi is a very good movie. It's very deep and requires some very in depth analysis to be given to it. Just like watching Inception. You need to understand the whole story especially at the end where everything comes to relate back to the earlier part of the story.

The whole story focuses on Pi and the tiger. It's not action based movie which might bored some people like a man who went into the lift after the movie saying that he don't like the movie and don't get the whole movie at all.  P/S: I don't meant to be eavesdropping but he was saying out loud to his family members.

The whole movie revolves around Pi reanimates his life to a writer who has writer's block. He told his story with the main focus on him left on a boat with a tiger after the ship he was sank into the deep sea. At the end, there's 2 versions of stories told on how he survived in the deep sea for so long until the boat he was in floated to an island which he was rescued.

Pi ended his story by asking which version does the writer like instead of the version that the writer believe in. I guess this will help you to analyze the story. It's the tips and I don't want to be a spoiler though the movie has been out for a long time. Think of it on your own :p

Rating: 5/7

And I haven't even write on Skyfall which I watched first. Totally forgotten about it. Will update in my next post since I have to wake up early tomorrow for a "hike". So long and farewell for the night. Sweet dreams.