Movie movie marathon review

I'm back!

For the past few weeks of not blogging, I've been for a few movies and sorry as it's a bit late for the review BUT still here they are:

Les Miserables

Basically the whole movie is singing til the end. So, unless you really enjoy musical, you would dread it because my friend was almost sleeping next to me while I enjoyed it very much. The voice of every single actor and actresses within is awesomely good. Anne Hathaway is da bomb. Didn't know she can sing so well. I didn't expect her to be featured so less in the movie. She only came out for a short period at the beginning of the movie.

Les Miserables in French means Miserable/ Miserable World. The life of the main character is really miserable. Because of stealing some bread for his starving-to-dead niece, he became a slave and then a fugitive for the rest of his life. But because of his determination, he is able to lead a decent life. I ended up with a little teary eyes.

Rating: 5/7

Jack Reacher

Just a normal action movie I would say. Simply for entertainment would do but not to be overly analytical.

Rating: 3.5/7


A super good watch. Went and watch IMAX 3D but I don't think that we need to go to the extend of 3D as the effect is not that good and the 3D is super uncomfortable. IMAX itself is sufficient enough. I've watched Lord of The Ring many years ago but never remember the storyline. Now, after The Hobbit, I'm gonna watch LOTR again. Hehehe...

Rating: 6/7