Reflecting 2012

It's 2013 but why am I blogging about 2012? Ain't I suppose to be doing my 2013 resolution? Actually true but I really got no idea for any resolution this year.

I think I should reflect on 2012 instead.

So, here's my 2012 resolution:

  1. To find my own direction in life. To know what I want to do latest by end of Chinese New Year. It's going to be a very different route that I am taking next year and it will decide my path in life. - Went interview early of the year but ended up only changing job at the end of the year. And it's a different path from what I want at the beginning of the year. Weird how life change over the year.
  2. To be independent - learn how to drive and get my own car (this is suppose to be my 2011 resolution but then I postponed it because I don't see the necessity to waste money especially on the petrol and maintenance. Now have to if I would to change job). - Really changed job that I've to get a car to travel around. I've been driving around for the past 2 months and independently. I guess people really change. Still quite clumsy but still okay.
  3. To save enough to bring my parents for an oversea holiday. - I think this still have to wait for few more years. Can't save a lot of money and I just bought a RM1,000 wardrobe plus a family trip coming in a few months, I'm gonna be super broke.
  4. To be able to save for a house (This is ridiculous). Haha... Just talking for fun. - I guess nothing is impossible. Hehehe....
  5. ..... Can't think of any now since I don't even know what step I want to take next. All I can do is take this 1 month to think carefully.
2012 is a year of major change - changing job, changing of lifestyles since work-life is balance, no more late nights at work.... Loads of silly mistakes but there's no rectifying of it. What happened cannot be changed and I guess I learnt a lot from them. Never regret the things that is done but regret the things that was never done.