Call me an Instagram addict. Am addicted to it and are on Instagram more than Facebook. OMG....

But kinda love it. If only blogging can be combined with Instagram...... then I can do all my reviews and thoughts at the same time.

Been loving it since Day 1 using it. Now anyone can shoot like a professional though I'm very much learning. Learning on how to capture a nice angle especially after working in advertising. This is sort of a passion or I would say a sickness from the previous job. Everything is about looking nice. Every single angle of how a shoot should take place. Kinda miss what I was doing back then. Back then I was called Super AE. Now I felt like a super lousy ME.

Anyway, Instagram still cheer up a lousy day. One of my picture was featured by @gf_malaysia which really made my day. Wasn't expecting it.

269 likes ♥ Hehehe... And oh... Nuffnang is going to have its 6th Birthday Bash. Participated in its Nuffnang contest on Instagram. Won 2 of them which is half way through the contest.

First is the #FoodieFriday

 This is a curry chicken pandan rice at a shop in 
Jusco Station 18, Ipoh.
Nothing like a curry chicken also. 
Total damage:RM10
Rating: 2.5/7

And 2nd one is #Happiness. It's the same picture as the one featured by @gf_malaysia.

There's still 2 more weeks of contest to participate in. Week 3 & 4 to go.

Hello Instagram. My new love now.