Nuffnang 6th Birthday Bash

I'm back from being a sick cat. Been coughing like an old hag for the past 2 weeks and been away from the computer (apart from work) for that whole duration. Finished my medication and am still coughing on and off now. Boiled coke the other night and the cough was subsiding. Boiled coke still work wonders for my cough. Best remedy ever.

Any way, I always run away from my subject matters at the start of the blog. Finally ignoring myself for sleeping my nights away, I spent my whole Saturday out of home. Attended Reachout by IM4U at Taylor's College in the morning at 8am-4ish pm.

Then straight on to Nuffnang 6th Birthday Bash at Lust KL from 6pm til late. I'm gonna blog about Nuffnang 6th Birthday Bash first. Reachout will be in the following.

Anyway, how come I was there at the birthday bash? Remember I blogged about winning Nuffnang badges on Instagram here? I won the other 2 of the #NNProjectInsta under the hashtag #BestPlaceToBlog and #BloggerOnTheGo.'

 #BestPlaceToBlog is of course at home or the office. Ex-office.
I miss my ex-office so so much. Especially all the late nights and
fun people. I miss advertising.

 What's better being a blogger on the go is someone
who travels. This is a picture taken at Langkawi a year ago.
I miss this place so much. Love it and don't mind going for a
third time. Already quite familiar there. Hehe...

Collected the badges I won at the same night :)

Reached Lust KL a little later than 6.30pm as CK was stuck in a jam to my house. I waited for her back at home while charging my phone as the battery was exhausted from taking videos and pictures at Reachout. The PM was there. Will furnish you with more details in the next post.

Here we are at the entrance claiming our goodie bags and also tickets for drinks. And there's a photo session area right out front.

Went inside and the place has loads of balloons hanging around. The main sponsor of the event is Digi and you can see the signs hanging around. There's plates with lyrics and names on it too.

The drawings are cute but I didn't bring a proper camera so it's not so clear what is written behind

Another main sponsor was Deezer. It's a new music app that allows user to download musics and listen to them later on even if they are offline. Downloaded it for my iPhone.

There's even small contest for us to guess a song and win some little presents. Guessed my song correctly and won a Digi 8GB thumb drive.

Cute or not my Digi Yellow Man thumb drive? Now I got both ex-clients' thumb drive as a collection.

Both? Yup. Tadah.....

The Blobby thumb drive by Nippon Paint. 
But it's spoilt less than a week after I got my hand to it :'(

Any way, we were given tickets to claim 2 bottle of Heineken beer

And 2 cocktails (alcohol-free) by Lust KL:

The party was hosted by Traxx FM DJ's Kevin and Isabelle from The Morning Zoo.

There's even games and activities to win attractive prizes sponsored by Getha, Genting World Resort, L'occittane, etc. I think the picture below was a Humming Game to guess a song.

And below are the Nuffies after they cut the cake. From my height this is the best angle I can reach.

 The 6th birthday cake. Took this back stage while I was leaving

And finally got the chance to take picture with my favourite blogger:

Audrey Ooi aka FourFeetNine. I like her cause she's an inspiring person especially when I felt so relevant to her height. I'm shorter and she has to squat down to take picture with me since she's in heels.

With her and husband, Timothy Tiah. Love reading his blog particularly on Things Shorty & Fatty Say.

Not to be missed out is that CK and I met and made friends with few bloggers there.

Among them was Michelle who was such a sweet and cute girl. The following 2 pictures are linked from her blog post.

A picture with Michelle.

A group photo with the rest. KahMon, Stephy and Janice.

Realized they were in blue or red? I'm the odd one out in yellow though that was the dress code.

CK and I left Lust KL laughing the night away because of the following:

Realized something amiss here? CK was so blur that she put in the parking ticket at the wrong slot. We have to call for help just to get out of the place. OMG. We were laughing while calling the security. He don't look a bit surprise with what we have done. Pondering if he has met many people who does the same thing after drinking at Lust KL. *P/S: CK wasn't drinking at all. Hehe...

Went home and the both of us took a lot at the goodie bag

There's Shokubutsu body and hand wash. The Southern Lion paper bag kinda reminds me of Kodomo Lion.

Inside there's the panda biscuit that Angel loves to buy, Melvita skincare, Xylitol, Hermo mask ♥, Getha post-it-note and not to be forgotten Nuffnang 6th Birthday Bash badge ♥ 

And not to be forgotten was Lust KL itself. It's a nice, comfy place which  I don't mind going back for a drinks with friends. Small but warm in feeling.

Btw won myself 2 tickets to Nuffnang Premier for The Call. Will review the movie once I've watched it. Will blog about IM4U Reachout in the next post and gonna upload some very inspiring but funny speech by Tony Fernandez. He's awesome.