Reachout by IM4U

Saw Jinny Boy posting on Facebook that he has invited Jason Chen, David Choi and Chester See for a performance at Reachout. Registered for the morning session of the talk since I'm interested in voluntary work and secondly because I wanted to see Jason Chen.

Didn't manage to win any Meet & Greet session with the Youtuber.

Any way reached Taylor's University at 8am and I was such a long queue.

Look at the long long queue and I was standing so far away.

We were only allowed to go in at around 8.45am.

At the staircase to the multi-purpose hall.

The registration was quite long but suddenly everyone was allow to go in very fast. One of the staff there was promoting the IM4U B Card and was scolded by another person "Stop promoting. Let everyone go in. The PM is here already". I thought I heard wrongly until they announced there's a special guest coming in. I was like =.= & LOL!

We were given IM4U wristband while 50 early birds was given bags and other merchandising.

The whole hall was not totally filled-in.

From where I am seated. Front and back view.

The PM on stage. Everyone was okay with his speech unlike the incident in Penang.

They even launched a IM4U radio channel 107.9. It's live but I don't think it's my type I remember hearing English song and then suddenly there was BM song that I decided to switch channel.

After the PM's speech was Mr Tony Fernandez. His speech was awesome. Super duper funny and interesting.

View from 1:50 onwards where he some how teased Firefly.

And funniest on the way he mentioned about Malaysian mentality on the following:
1) "You put a fare at RM800, I don't want to travel bcoz of SARS. You put a fare at RM80, Malaysian didn't care. And so, some people flew.
2) Free seats to Bali, who cares about a bomb. I'm going shopping.

He is smart and a very inspiring. Truly believe him that "No dream is too big". I hope one day I will be able to learn from him.

After Sir Tony's speech, there was a great performance by Scott Hammell. He was entertaining. Sorry I don't know him before hand. He is a great magician and had perform a cloud nine straight jacket escape. He even performed a straight jacket escape in front of us.

Everyone left the hall after he performed. Reason was because Chester See, David Choi, Jason & Jinny left the place.

I totally like WTH! Kinda like how Dato' Ruby Khong and her daughter reacted so calmly on the situation. They continued with the speech saying that they don't mind because those people ain't serious about voluntarism.

We breaked for lunch after that and I took the opportunity to visit my alma mater. I was there for my last semester when the Lakeside Campus wasn't completed. That time, the last block, the BoardWalk wasn't fully built.

Love this campus. Very beautiful and good place for photography. Wonder if it still stink of cow dung as next to it was a cow farm and some times with the "correct" wind direction, we can smell the stinky smell from there.

The convention continued after an hour break with speeches from Matthew Supramaniam, Michael Teoh.......

Deborah Henry....

 Nick Allardice....

 He squatted down to my height. Lol =.=

Pushpa Basnet...

Henry Golding...

Ben Ibrahim...

And then everyone started to enjoy Oppa KL Style by Jinnyboy TV.

Around 4pm Jinny and the rest of the Youtubers came out. The long awaited was finally here.


David Choi...

Jason Chen...

And Chester See.

P/S: I think he was the main star here but too much attention 
was stole away from David and Jason.

And look how crazy the fans at the back are. I was squashed. OMG....

All four were during some introduction and some lucky girls were invited up the stage to chat with the Youtubers.

Look at how many cameras aiming at them. There's even one very funny conversation that I heard:

Girl: OMG, Jason Chen just smiled at me.
Boy: Please lar, he is smiling to everyone...
Girl: No. He looked me in the eyes and smiled.
Me: Roll-eyes and laugh. Hehehe...

I immediately make a leave after the session ended. They had the concert after that but I have Nuffnang 6th Birthday Bash that I left. Else I would have stayed back.

But I was lucky enough to meet Marianne TPY before I leave. Hehehe...