The Call Movie Premier by Nuffnang

Got an email from Nuffnang to go for "The Call" movie premier. Thanks Nuffnang, you made my day. Not just one but two. First day was when I saw my email and second was last night.

The movie premier was at Tropicana City Mall last night. 9pm. Hall 4 was a small hall. Kinda hard for me to view from the screen as my seat was 3 rows from the front. Can't blame the placement because it was on a first come first serve. The one who came earlier will get the best seat. I was late because I was asked to do some work while I was planning to leave office :-(

♥ Nuffnang

It's my first time to watch a movie premier. Just realized that they don't have the subtitle and I think movie premier also meant that the movie is uncensored.

The Call featured Halle Berry not as the Bond lady but as Jordan, who works in 911 call center. Watch the trailer above and you will roughly get what I meant.

The whole movie got me thrill and tense. There's so many part that the killer could have kill the girl and you kinda hope she can make a run for it. Suspense and thrill enough.

Just like most kidnap movie, the girl will be saved but trust me, the conclusion has a twist to it. Something you will not expect.

Rating: 5/7

Was on a scary taxi today and it kinda freak me even more after watching this movie. The cabbie was on the phone talking about pulling people's fingernails out, cutting the private part and shooting people down. Creep the hell out of me. He even said that he was allowed to kill based on the PM's instruction.

What made me fear most was when his phone suddenly rang while he was supposed to be on a call. He even went and turn right when he asked me if he is suppose to go straight on the Federal Highway. I said yes but OMG he turned! I freaked out and quickly turn on the "Watch Over Me" app. This app was created by Chin Xin-Ci, the girl who escaped a kidnap/rape at The Curve. Her story here while you can read more of the app here or download it here.

Lucky also Jessie called me while I was near SS2. So, I was reporting my location to her the whole journey til I almost reach Kelana LRT. When I almost reach my destination, he spoke to me that it's very good that I've friend who would care about where I was. Went out of the cab with both my leg became flabby. So, stay safe everyone. No where is safe. We just have to be more alert and careful.

Got another movie premier coming soon. Hehehehe...