The Last Exorcism 2 Movie Review

Won free tickets to The Last Exorcism 2 Movie by Churp Churp. It was a Facebook contest.

The movie premier was initially on Monday, 9pm at Mid Valley but was changed to yesterday, 8.30pm at Cathay Cineplex, E-Curve. We were even given 1 small popcorn set with Coke per person.

I haven't watch horror movie for a  long time and was anticipating for it but it turns out to be a disappointment. Not only it wasn't scary but it was a total mess. The starting was cut and then you don't know what happened. Never explained. The story line was predictable.

Rating: 2/7

Though the movie ain't nice but winning the ticket cheered me up. Haven't been so lucky to win all this creative "slogan" sort of contest.