Tickling My Tastebuds

What makes up to a bad day is desserts. They said "stressed" spelled backward is "desserts" and it kinda spot on. Desserts cheered me up. It works almost 99.99%.

Leaved office at 7-ish today and Federal Highway was jam. Detoured to Asia Jaya to avoid the jam and ended up going to Food Foundry at Happy Mansion, SS17 to avoid another jam at LDP.

Reached there and see the fridge they put cake is empty. Was kinda disappointed until one of the staff told me that there's still cake at their kitchen. Was so happy to hear that.

Tried out their Peach Mille Crepe for the first time today. It was heavenly. The first bite tasted of peach and then I could taste cheese in the Mille Crepe. Am I right? But the base of the cake is actually the Vanilla Crepe. I wonder if they put in cheese to the cream or I was imagining it. Hehe... But it was yummylicious.

There's 2 layers of peach fruit in the Mille Crepe. The top and the middle was fill-in with real peach fruit.

Half way through the cake and it still looks yummylicious.

I initially ordered Ice Chocolate but the customer before me ordered the last cup :( 
So, I ended up with Ice Peach Tea. It's peaches all the way. FTW.

It's a very refreshing drink that quenches the thirst. The first quench tasted like I've just bite on a big, juicy plum. I don't know why it reminded me of plum instead of peach.

Pic courtesy from Google

The last round I came here the food was disappointing but this round, it was good.

Rating: 4.5/7
Total damage: RM14 (RM11 for the cake, RM3 for the drink. No tax/service charge).

Any way, this post is courtesy to Nuffnang new Facebook Interest Group - Tastebuddies.

Til then!