Dirt Away? It's Problem Comes

Purchased Dirt Away 15-Step Meguiar's Full Auto Detailing Package through Groupon.

This package includes claying + polishing + waxing + tar removal + headlamp restoration. And it only cost RM128 for 2 cars. And my friend and I thought we got a good deal only to realized it was a nightmare.

I made reservation for both cars on the same day and time 3 weeks in advance because the rest of the weekends were fully book. They even SMS reminder for us on the same morning:

We reached there on time, minutes before 11am and was told off by the staff to come another day as they have 7 cars with them at the moment. If we were to wait, the cars will only be ready in the evening around 5pm. We decided to go with it since we already planned the day to wax our car.

We left and came back to our car later in the evening. I, being my usual self, started inspecting my car only to find a hole at my car door handle and immediately asked the staff how come there's a hole there. He keep telling me "tak tau" and give me a none-of-his-business look. Since I'm losing out in the argument and no management was there, I decided to leave.

Reached home, I immediately snap picture and posted it to Dirt Away Facebook page on the same day to highlight the issue since I see some negative comments which they did not removed. I thought they will respond only to my disappointment - they deleted my post!!!

Luckily I print screen here:

I saved the link and went back and check 2-weeks later and the post was gone. Shared this on Facebook, tagged Groupon and Dirt Away.

Groupon commented me to do an official report. And got advice from a friend to take legal action from them.

In my email to Groupon, I included  pictures of both the car door handles and a scratch as below:

2 damages for each car. And I told Groupon that I want compensation to rectify the damages. Groupon was fast to feedback and in the end, Groupon is fully refunding to us. A full refund does not justify anything but I was considered late to complain to Groupon and as such, they can't do anything much. I want them to fix the holes. But any way, kudos to Groupon for such fast action.

The only thing I am kinda disappointed is that they are leaving the matters for me to deal with Dirt Away. I'm guessing that it will not come to anything fruitful and decided to blog about it. At least everyone is aware of their service and not go to it.

I even print-screened some negative comments and shared with Groupon.

P/S: Wonder if these comments will be deleted:

This shop is the one located at Taman Mayang, Kelana Jaya. Near the old Lim Kok Wing College:
No 4, Jalan SS26/4,Taman Mayang Jaya, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

Dirt don't go Away but problem comes *In a very sarcastic tone. Lol*

And I wonder did they even service as per what is mentioned because it feels like an ordinary car waxing. Not going to recommend to anyone but am going to tell everyone how bad it is.

Plus brand never learn not to delete Facebook post.