Harper's Bazaar 10th Anniversary

Congratz to Harper's Bazaar for its 10th Anniversary. It was a privilege to be invited to the event at Mai Bar, Aloft, KL Central.

My name spelled wrongly on the card but not the outside invite :(

Not much photo in this post because I was left with 2% battery when I was there. I was working out of office the whole day before the event and phone calls keep coming in and out and as such, my battery was exhausted. Plus I didn't get to charge in the car as I was car pooling with my colleague to the event. Little did we know, parking was free =.=!

Reached there and there was the big Bazaar background to take picture with but my colleagues and I decided to skip it as the queue was quite long. Went up to Mai Bar and wow.... it's at the rooftop with a pool. Nice place...

From where we step out to the rooftop, we can see the Hitlon Hotel.

Walk further in and you will see that we can actually view KL Tower and side profile of the Twin Tower. The construction opposite kind spoilt the view though....

And that's the end of my battery life. There was finger-food and fashion walk and gosh I felt super duper timid and short with so many hot models and celebrities around. Carmen Soo was actually quite petite standing next to the rest of the celebrities on stage. But she is still awesome. And taller than I do.

One good thing there was free drinks. The cocktail was nice but didn't know the alcohol level was high. Drank a few sips and mix with a glass of white wine and there I was, mingling and chatting around. I was tipsy already even before I finished my wine. Haven't been drinking as often and my alcohol level has deteriorate that much.

Any way, everyone return with a goodie bag that has the latest Harper's Bazaar magazine. The 10th anniversary special edition.

And the most lovely within the bag was the Rosewater Fragranced Candle by Crabtree Evelyn.

Love the smell. Very smoothing and sweet. Even before lighting it, the lovely smell already filled my room :)
Thanks Harper's Bazaar.