How fair is Malaysia General Election?

The General Election is less than 2 weeks from now and I keep pondering this question: How fair can our General Election be?

2 months ago while I was having dinners with my cousins, we were talking about the upcoming election and to check the status as voters. I told them that I missed out the registration date to be a voter and can't vote for this election :( Guess what? I was completely wrong. My cousins said better try and check my status first. And it came out, I was already a registered voter!!!!!!!!!

OMG! I've never ever register myself as a voter because to me, my small, insignificant vote will not make a difference and most importantly, I don't like thought of the hassle - having to drive back to my hometown and vote. I would rather stay home and rest. But I changed my mind after seeing so many things happening in the country only to realized that I missed the registration date as I was too busy with work.

It is a good thing since I can vote now but still, who is behind this fake registration? Thus, I decided to report to SPR:

I get this as a reply in return:

What the heck! I've never ever fill in any form. 

And this was the first and last I heard from SPR who is so called a party to make sure the election is fair and square *roll eyes*

So, please make sure you check your status here so that your vote doesn't contribute to phantom vote. I'm definitely going back to vote no matter what!

But just how fair is the upcoming General Election going to be? How many Malaysians' vote is going to be contributed to phantom vote? *Those who aren't aware that they are registered as voter.*

And who knows that there might be foul play during the counting of votes. Who knows right? I wonder....

With so many things happening in the country especially when the election getes near. I.e: DAP not being able to use the rocket symbol to contest or Malaysian at Singapore is being made difficult to come back to vote.

With so many things happening in the country the previous years, more are becoming vocal on their thoughts of change. A change that nobody knows whether good or bad. But I always belief this "change is the only constant in life". So, let's hope for a good change no matter which political party wins.

I like how this person put it as "why voting is not an option". It's not an option but a must do.

As this is my very first time being a voter for the General Election, there's still many things that I don't know about. I think the below video helps a lot:

P/S: There's a few videos to be watched and the above is the first one. Don't worry as it is quite entertaining for an educational video.

Lastly, reminder to please please please CHECK YOUR VOTING STATUS even if you have yet to register. And if you would like to contribute more to a fairer election, please visit this website: Tindak Malaysia