Iron Man 3: My Way

Expecting Iron Man 3 to come soon and wonder is it as good as the first or the second.... Or even better...

I have always love super hero movies from Marvel. They are good and since I'm a Marvel comic fans when I was young, I've been to almost every single movie by Marvel except for Captain America. P/S: This was due to a friend who FFK-ed me.

And since I'm still child-like as per what my friends described me of being very 童真, I do some times live in my own "Lala Land" aka Fantasy land. I still do think of "how good would it be if I have their (super hero) ability".

Just realized my FB profile picture is also a super hero copycat.
Kame Hame Ha.... by Dragonball. Lol!

Any way, back to the Avengers series, among the 4 main characters - Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk and Thor; I would prefer to be Iron Man - smart and rich. And of course what makes Iron Man is his suit. The suit/armor itself is very high tech and advance. If I were able to customize it to my own need, I would maintain all current innovation but only improvised it to personalize to my own character.

I would have alloyed the iron suit with Titanium. Solid but light. I'm short and small thus I love to move around fast. A light-weighted suit would be good for agility. Besides, I'm not strong enough to wear on such heavy armor to move around. As Titanium is as strong as steel, it would be a good armor.

And of course the suit will be a female version :) I will remain the colour of red and gold so that it will make a couple suit with Stark =.=!

And as for the chest plate, I would have changed it to heart shape. I think this is a bit overdoing but what's wrong with a heart shape since it's a female version?

Last but not least, I would call myself Small Iron Lady while my suit - "PeTite". Petite in French means "Little/Small" which symbolizes me - Small Lady. Small but powerful... as good things come in small packages. Never look down on a petite girl you know. And did you realize that I cap the "T"? Why? "Ti" is the chemical symbol for 'Titanium" which is what my armor is made of.

And here's a sketch I tried to do. I can't do colouring cause I always ruin my sketches after that. So, I decided to leave it black and white:

I changed the mask as tried a few times to change
.from Iron Man mask but it was too manly.

And thanks to Nuffnang and Walt Disney Studio Motion Studios, hopefully I would be able to attend the movie premier for Iron Man.