My First Beauty Box

Got my first beauty box from Bag Of Love. This is my first encounter with a beauty box and as such am curious what is a beauty box.

Basically you paid an amount of money for a box filled with beauty products - deluxe sample sizes. The catch is, you don't know what's inside.

 My first box.

But there's more good to it. You would be surprise with what you get inside. There's another beauty box that's called The Lilac Box where they said that it's a "blind date in a box".

Opened my box and found this:

 OMG.... It comes with a super duper lovely bag/pouch.
Loved the design a lot ♥

And it's a good thing for beauty junkies or newbies because it's where we can to test out different beauty products to know if we like it or not. Truth is, in order to get deluxe size sample to use/test, you need to make purchase from that brand. Else you will get the usual sachet samples which will not be long enough to see the effect.

Bubble wrap to keep product in perfect condition but 
also adds on to your curiousity on what's inside. 
Make a guess. Sneak peak a brush... :)

And it may reduce the risk of wasting a few hundred bucks on a product that you might have skin allergic reaction. This is a good thing for me since I've pretty sensitive skin and always get allergic reaction due to different type of dust particles in the air; from different products and food consumption.

Plus, you will get to find out new/existing brands that you never know.

So, inside I found the following:
1) Revlon Professional Color Sublime Treatment 75ml (200ml = RM88)
This treatment cream is special care for coloured hair to provide much needed moisture to hair and prevent the colour from fading. It helps to avoid coloured hair from turning into straw-like.

How to use: Coat hair from roots to tips after shampooing. Leave on for 5 minutes then rinse. 

I don't have coloured hair but don't worry. You can still use it for super soft and smooth hair.

2) Murad Vitalic Energizing Pomegranate Cleanser 50ml (150ml = RM148)
Murad is a cosmoceutical brand, an authentic doctor-developed brand. The founder, Dr Murad have helped millions to resolve their skin issues through his award-winning formula. This foam cleanser helps to keep skin hydrated, lift away dirt and it comes with antioxidants to super-charge the skin. It helps solve issue of clogged pores, T-zone shine, dull skin.

How to use: Use two pumps on damp face, neck and chest. Rinse with warm water and pat dry.

3) Kanebo Lunasol Skin Fusing Powder Foundation SPF20/PA++ (10.5kg = RM140)
The colour provided in this foundation is YO02. I've yet to identify whether this colour suits me since I have fairly tanned skin.

According to the product description, the powder foundation is not powdery at all but blends well into the skin. The best part is it even moisturises the skin. Not only that, it is resistant to sweat and sebum so one can remain radiant from day to night. But this powder foundation is so itsy bitsy tiny.

4) Face blending brush by Definite RM98
It's made of super-soft, high-grade goat hair that dusts and blends powder effortlessly over the face for a smooth and professional finish. This is the first time I heard of Definite. Jessie said that it sounded like Benefit and the logo font type too o.0 The brand is founded by a young Malaysian couple and the products are made in Italy. The brand is very good in quality/ international quality and is popular for backstage makeup, fashion shows, TVCs and photo shoots. They are the sole distributor of Victoria Jackson Cosmetics, a celebrated Hollywood cosmetic brand. 

5) Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire 1ml vial (100ml = RM366)
La Petite Robe Noire in France means little black dress. And like any black dress, this fragrance can be use in any different occasion. From a simple day out to working to a prom or even a night out partying, this fragrance can be use. I love the smell a lot and it actually last quite long for an EDT. Guerlain is an existing French brand for over 185 years. It has been in Malaysia for over 10 years and since it's a very premium and expensive brand, not many knows about it. I mean for real and though less people knows about it, it carries very good products. This is the only product that I've started using in this bag. The rest I will review on it after I've used it. The one on top are based on description in Bag of Love website.

6) The Host movie ticket
The movie ticket is available only on for one person and not valid after 5pm on Friday, Saturday, Sunday & public holidays. I think the owner should give the ticket to 2 because rarely people will watch movie alone. Not only that, the timing is so inconvenience especially for those who is working. Basically the ticket is burnt. But I got a preview tonight by Nuffnang so I don't mind. Hehe...

7) RM30 Gift voucher by Murad 
Only valid til end of July on purchase on Murad online. I wonder if I would be using it because I have so many skincare in place to be use.
And if you are worry about scam, don't! Because the owner of Bag Of Love is none other than Mimi Teh. Who is she? She is the ex-writer for Female magazine. Very good one. And since she is a beauty writer, she is very familiar with beauty products. Experienced and I believed that the products inside her "bag" are good one too.

And she is featured in The Sun, Female magazine and Eh!

So, hurry and try out one. Or it could be a nice gift to your loved one. Send it directly to them. It's only RM39.90. And you definitely will get back your value from all the products. P/S: The brush already cost a bomb while the cosmetic bag itself too. Plus postage..... It's super value for money.

By the way, the products come in different designs of cosmetic for different month. Got mine in March :) So, are you looking forward for the upcoming one?