The Host movie review

Just came back from The Host movie premier.

The Host will be out in cinema on 4 April and before you go and watch, let's just manage expectation. I would say this movie is rather slow in pace. Not much of an excitement like the trailer itself.

Typically love story and typical storyline. One thing that doesn't really make sense is how the invaders/parasites who is so idealistic about making peace would then take over human bodies without considering how they would feel? How did they come down and conquer them if they so call it as coming in "peace"? How come over so many millions of people there only only very few with strong wills to live? But pondering that, would I have that strong view to fight? Nah... I don't think so *grin*

Rating: 2/7

Any way, I got my tickets from ChurpChurp and am so sorry for making the mistake cause I told them that it was Nuffnang during my ticket collection. Sick til blur already :(

Was sick the night before yesterday but went and attended WeChat launch at Neverland KL as I've RSVP that I will attend. Don't like to break my words. *Will blog about it later on as that will take time. Having a bad headache now but since I'm having my dinner cum supper, I might as well blog.

Woke up with fever and flu that I decided to rest because my trip is this coming weekend. Don't wanna go there sick since the whole trip was planned by me. I can't afford to sleep in the hotel room while abandoning my family to go and walk on their own without a clue on where to and how to.

Had a bad day today. Went to Subang to consult the doctor. I paid my parking ticket there before going in to the clinic. Left the clinic and called my ex-colleague for lunch since she always said that I don't find her. We went to Aman Suria for porridge at Eat ZY Teo Chew Porridge and Rice together with Ray.

Total damage: RM24.10

Finished lunch and decided to leave when BY said that she wanna buy cake to eat because she will be hungry later. We were saying to go to a cake shop some where near ChaTime when she walked into a cake shop opposite where I parked. Before we walked in, I spotted my car and it was okay.

Guess what? When I walked out, I saw this slipped within my wiper and windscreen.

I forgotten to pay parking because I'm still not use to it. For the past 6 months I only travel in shopping malls. Argh..... RM100. I'm already so broke for the family trip and now this. I need that RM100 to survive after coming back from my trip til my pay in the end of the month. I think I will be eating bread for the remaining weeks. FML!

And don't call me stupid for wanting to pay this summon since it's MPPJ. I just don't like that thought of things being unsettled plus if I pay now, I can "rayu" and get a cheaper rate.