Wantan Mee Addiction

I consider myself a foodie and I love good food a lot which is why I am kinda "meaty". Good or bad I eat according to my mood and I realized that I've food cravings for wantan mee for quite a lot of times.

If you are looking for wantan mee around PJ areas, there are a few that I've tried and below are my comments:

Restoran Chan Meng Kee, SS2
Saturday was my first time here. Was on my way heading to Digi to pay my bill when I walked pass a shop that was packed with people.

After paying my phone bill, I decided to try it out. I ordered a plate of the most common wantan mee - char siew wantan mee but I waited for almost half an hour because they forgotten my order. Lol!

The mee wasn't as good as I expected. But the char siew was definitely very good. Succulent and juicy. The caramelized skin is da bomb!

It's quite fat. Usually I will remove the fats from my food but this was delicious.

I was out of appetite 3/4 way into my meal. Maybe because I've been waiting quite long with an empty stomach and also because the noodle was a little dry. But I would say the noodle is quite springy.

The wantan is very ordinary and nothing to shout about. 
It's also quite small in size.

Total damage: RM7.50 (RM6 for the noodle. RM1.50 for herbal drink)
Rating: 3/7 (the char siew adds point to it)
Address: 32 Jalan SS2/66, Petaling Jaya
Opening hours: Tue-Sun, 8.30am til 3pm

Flying Sky Wantan Mee, Seapark
This stall is by the road side along Seapark and only opens at night. Erm... I usually call it "fei tin wantan mee" (direct translation from cantonese: flying sky wantan mee) cause I never notice they have any name/signboard for the stall. It's called flying sky wantan mee because the noodle/mee was throw high up in the air and this technique is suppose to make the noodle more springy and tastier. The mee was throw up at least more than one-storey high.

The noodle here is way better than Restaurant Chan Meng Kee but the char siew cannot compare with it. This char siew is also nice though not as strong taste as the latter.

The wantan is also very ordinary. But if given the choice between both, I would prefer this flying sky wantan mee. In my opinion, what makes a good plate of wantan mee is the noodle itself. The char siew is to compliment it. In the end, it is the noodle that fills our stomach. And eating too much of the fatty char siew  will make you very "jelak".

Total damage: RM5
Rating: 4/7
Location: Next to Seapark wet market
Opening hour: After 6pm. But I'm still not sure when is the off day. Any way, if you are there and it is close, you can always head to the famous Bumbung nasi lemak near Maybank.

Char Siew Zhai Wantan Mee
Talking about flying sky wantan mee, there's another located at Paramount if you are to look for one in the morning. The last time I went there was more than a year ago. Not sure if the quality of food still remains. The pictures here is courtesy of another blogger.

Last I came, the noodle is okay though it cannot be compared with the above. Maybe because the space to throw the wantan mee is restricted. It's restricted by the shop ceiling.

Erm... I don't really remember the char siew texture.

Rating: Not going to rate as I don't quite remember it.
Address: No. 5, Jalan 20/13, Paramount Garden, 46300 Petaling Jaya

That's 3 places for wantan mee and I still have 2 more to go which I think should be in another post. Don't want to bombard this post with too much information. Just go try out these 3 first. Would recommend the second :)

Cheers from a wantan mee addict =p