A 3-Day Stay That Cost More Than An Overseas Trip

I've not been blogging for quite a while as I was admitted to the hospital. Remember I was saying that I've been falling sick quite often and my fever was on and off without really leaving. It turns out that I had a viral infection.

I never thought that I could be as independent to walk into the hospital alone to admit myself. Who would have thought a fragile looking girl like me would do so and not telling anyone apart from my family. My sister dropped me at SJMC (old name of Sime Darby at Subang) and there I was registering myself, seeing the doctor and got admitted on my own.

While registering for admission, the nurse requested for a deposit and I happily asked how much thinking that it will cost a few hundred until I asked "I begged your pardon?" when the nurse told me that the deposit is RM4,000.

I thought I heard wrongly but there's nothing wrong with my hearing. It is RM4,000 and my jaw fell open. I told her I don't use credit card and I don't have so much money. She told me that the minimum I can pay was RM3,000. I managed to pay RM1,000 and nothing more but was lucky that she allowed me to admit with 1 condition that I have to pay the remaining the next day. As the next day is Sunday and not a working day, I just ignore it since I was already admitted.

Then only I realized that you can't be poor to fall sick. I'm lucky to have my company insurance to cover and that it's very important to have medical coverage and having an insurance policy is deem necessary nowadays.

I was warded in a double bed room with an auntie.

 A double bed room cost RM150 while a single bed cost RM280 per day.

My fever was on and off for a month that I was required to do several test - blood, X-ray and ultrasound. Plus I was on drip. The moment the needle was inserted to my hand, I have to admit that I shed tears. Mainly because the nurse freaked me out as she didn't prepare anything for the doctor. It's already painful that the needle is inside while the doctor was getting my blood and she didn't prepare the tube to keep my blood. WTF!!!

And she is the worst nurse at the hospital. I was sick and cold in my room that I requested her for an additional blanket. She didn't even check for me and straightaway told me that there was no extra blanket. I asked another nurse who came in later and she gave me without any hesitancy. The f*** with that nurse.

Hospital meal was awful and never order chicken set unless you like chicken buttock a lot. So, I make sure I ordered the fish set except the first day as I was not given the choice to choose my meal.

The meal was cold and salty.

The drip was taken off from me the next day as my fever was off but the doctor refused to take the needle away from my hand. So, I have this thingy at my hand for 2 days and it felt so unnatural.

I was mostly sleeping my whole stay there. The nurse kept coming in to take record while I was being awaken for a lot of time for my temperature, blood pressure and heart rate taken. And my report on activity was always sleeping apart from a few hours that I was watching the small, little TV so far away or chatting with the auntie next bed.

All my reports were normal apart from a few more blood test that was yet to return. The doctor will only talk to me on the result when I go for my review/follow-up checkup next week.

And guess what? My bill came up to RM3673.38 for just that short 3 sickening days. My trip to HK for a week including air ticket and hotel only cost me a little more than RM2,000. OMG!!!

For every visit the doctor made to the room it already cost almost RM300. Imagine 2 times of visit by the doctor a day and I can take the money for a 3 days short trip to Langkawi. Never ever fall sick. Health is wealth and make sure you have an insurance coverage.

I'm shutting down soon. Sleepy already as my body is recovering from post viral infection. Til then! I will update on my 2 movie premiers last week - Star Trek Into Darkness and also Hummingbird.