Acer Aspire P3 Convertible Ultrabook Launch

I haven't really been following into the latest specs of laptops ever since the motherboard of my ex-laptop died and I changed to a desktop:

Kinda regret not getting a laptop as I'm always locked at home when I wanna use my PC. I can't carry it any where especially when I wanna have a change of place to blog. Any way currently I got my company's laptop to be using around but since I'm so petite, carrying the laptop around is very bad for my neck and shoulder. I've been experiencing back pain every since I changed to my current job. Always carrying a lappy with me makes me "crave" for massage. I miss the massage back at Bali and Chiang Mai.

Did a teaser for Acer Hybrid Ultrabook Launch here but I don't have the ending with Acer in this video. It really reflects my thought on my current lappy. Though it didn't really belong to me...

And so here's a newbie me getting in touch with technology again thanks to Nuffnang invitation to Acer PLAYsure Redefined Party.

It's the launch of the new Acer Aspire P3 Convertible Ultrabook.

Kinda reminds me of an iPad/Samsung Note but even better............. it's a laptop that's easily convertible around and since I'm used to Windows, this is so much better. It's running on Windows 8 system while I'm still so "ketinggalan zaman" with Windows XP Professional and DDR2. And it's so light at 0.79kg and as thin as 0.77" thin which would be so ideal for me to carry around.


 It can be used as a lappy mode.
P/S: It's called ultrabook mode actually.

A tablet at 11.6". It's touch centric.

A notebook mode detached from the keyboard. It's a bluetooth keyboard.

This is my expression at the launch:
Oooooooo.... Waaaaahhhh....

Kinda like "katak di bawah tempurung". And there's no compromise on the specs powered by 3rd Generation Intel Core i3 processor even if it can be transform from lappy (notebook), hybrid, convertible or table designs.

And launched together with the Aspire P3 is the Aspire R7.

I also go Ooooooo.... Waaaaahhh over the R7 many different mode - Notebook, Ezel, Pad and Display.

And I kinda has a story in mind on how compatible it was for me. I'm so small in size that the slim and light weight lappy will not make me look so "lun zhun" (careless) especially when I'm at the office and needs to carry a laptop, my mouse, my iPhone, a notebook, a pen and some times products for meetings. The Ezel Hinge allows the machine to flip, reverse, lie flat or float.......... Waaaaaah. I fell in love with the idea of being able to do presentation with it.

And with my short arms, the keyboard is so much nearer to me. I can just skip the usual touch pad which is now located at the back.

And since it can switch mode and I love good audio system, there's no compromise on the stereo as the audio system will automatically reverse when it switches mode. Super awesome!

The spec of the R7 is also super canggih:

Attended the event with CK and had a good time there even though didn't manage to participate in the group contest as there's only 5 of us. Not enough to make a Group 5.

And met pretty DJ Vera C

Spot the guest here - JinnyBoy:

The 2 stars at the launch event. Which should I get? P3 or R7 as my personal portable lappy as I'm going to shift away from home for a while which means I will not be able to bring my desktop along since brother is using my PC.

P3? Small, light, convertible. Or R7? Many different modes, brilliant audio and still light and portable. Must save $ first.