Celmonze iAnti-Cellulite

Got invited by Fiona to attend Celmonze Media Event for their launch of the Celmonze 3-Step Body Contour System on Friday at Fresca Restaurant, The Gardens Mall.

This is the first time I've heard of Celmonze and as such, I've went and make a little research on my own before heading to the event. Celmonze pronounced - "Cell-Mon" is a brand from France and the name itself means "cell reborn". They are into skincare and they offer therapies for renewal of skin cells through the combination of nature and science in their approach. Celmonze has been in Malaysia for over a decade and this is the first time they are launching products/therapies for the body.

According to Celmonze manager, their products/services are able to give women beautiful skin on the face and as such, they are launching something for the body to give overall beauty for all women. She has very good body shape that one might mistaken her for the brand ambassador.

Instead, the spokesperson is actually Kim Low, Malaysian very own 1st runner up of Miss Chinese Cosmos Pageant 2012.

Pretty and slim but never mistaken that slim people will not have cellulite. My 2nd sister who is very slim also has cellulite problem at her hips and thigh. Guess most female suffers from cellulite problem.

The 3-Step Body Contour System is not just a slimming programme but it's designed to get your health and body back in shape by decreasing body fat, increase muscle mass, decongest and detoxify while stimulating collagen and elastin. All this with "Shape Up"space wellness program, "Slim Up anti-cellulite treatment and "Firm Up" body firming system.

And during the media event, we were introduced to the Anti-Cellulite Body Oil.

Celmonze Anti-Cellulite Body Oil, 150ml @ RM268

The bottle is made of glass that keeps energy within. And here's Celmonze trainer and Kim demonstrating to us on how to apply the oil to bust cellulite:

Firstly, take 4 drops of the oil on your palm. Apply it to the place where you want to fight against your cellulite. Hold the bottle at 45 degree apply upwards.

Then rub your hand and bottle in circular motion.

Then break the fat by massaging up and down. Lastly massage upward again on that area for better effect.

With the launch of Celmonze Phenomenal Woman body wellness programme, there's a special promotion whereby customers who purchase Anti-Cellulite Body Oil at RM268, will receive 60 minutes Lymphatic Drainage Therapy worth RM300 for free.

They are also having an "Experience and Win" contest from 5 June - 4 August to reward customers. Try their body wellness porgramme or purchase selected body products to join the contest. With 4 easy steps, customers will stand a chance to win a Grand Prize of a 5D4N stay at Hardrock, Bali.

This kinda reminds me of my trip to Bali last year. I miss that place and definitely will go there again as I didn't really get to visit the place.

For more details on the contest and the products :