Guerlain Nail Lacquer

Guerlain used to have nail lacquer only for its collector's edition. Mostly for its Christmas collection only. Like a gift from Santa, it only happens once a year. Now Christmas is here every day as Guerlain will be launching a permanent link next week onwards.

10 different shades, a top coat and protective base will be available in the market. Let's start with the protective base. It's a simple layer that dries quite fast.

And I realised that the brush is wider and flatter compared to other nail colours I've used before.

The new brush design actually allows a better and smoother application. My fingers are tiny and as such 1 stroke can cover the whole nail except the thumb. Just right for me as it doesn't get out the line. You will see later what I meant.

And I managed to get 5 colours to try on. Hehehe...

 From left:
00 Lingerie
260 Jardins de Bagatelle
64 Gemma 
263 A la Parisienne
125 Vega

Okay. They all actually have the Guerlain cap on like the one in the middle. Once the cap is removed, you will see the actual cap with brush.

You can see after 1st application of nail lacquer, it doesn't go out of my nail side. The wide brush is good. With just 1 stroke (thumb is 2) and without me cleaning using Q-tips and you can see the sides are clean. And the nail lacquer is applied on easily and totally even.

After the 2nd layer:

You can see that it's the colour is darker. According to Guerlain, the nail lacquer has a resin normally used in printing inks which optimizes impeccable colour retention.

The last step of all manicure is to apply top coat to protect the nail colour from scratches and a very shiny finish. Apart from that, the top coat helps to give the nail more dimension. It takes a bit more time to dry the top coat but actually it's quite fast.

The nail lacquer is RM73 per bottle and I would never spent so much as my nail colour always chipped off very easily from doing house chores. But surprisingly it can last very long. After washing the sweeping the floor, mopping and washing the toilet, only minor parts of the nail chipped off. Usually more than half of it would have chipped out.

Not only that, the nail lacquer dries very fast compared to other brands of nail colours. My friend helped me put on OPI lacquer before but always got air bubble problem as it takes more time to dry.

Here's another picture of all the nail colours.

For 00 Lingerie colour, I added another layer for it to be obvious. I don't like it because this is the only colour that doesn't apply nicely as per what I've mentioned above. You need to be super professional to put on such colour as I've tried similar colours from other brand and they are also difficult to apply. And I always end up removing it after applying.

I've used 260 Jardins de Bagatelle

From left, you will see first layer and it does not fully covered the nail. After adding the 2nd layer, it provides better coverage. The third is after the top coat. Should have apply a third layer before the top coat so that you can't see my nail colour on my ring finger. 

I realized this colour is loved by people who likes light colour but I'm just okay with it.

I prefer 263 A la Parisienne which is sharper in colour and fun. Love how bright and strong the nail colour is.

But on my feet, I used a darker colour. 125 Vega.

I love such purple colour. Purple til almost black. Very hard to achieve such colour.

I didn't try the rest yet since the nail lacquer last quite long. At least 2 weeks without doing any hard core chores. My toe nail colour last longer since I don't do much with my feet apart from walking/running.

Any way, here's the remaining shades available:

Apart from the nail lacquer, Guerlain actually launched a series of lip gloss called Gloss d'Enfer. As I'm not a lip gloss person, I will leave it for review now. Maybe next time.