Hummingbird Into The Darkness Movie Reviews

This post came in later as it's supposed to be a movie premier review as I was hospitalized last weekend. While everyone was at the stadium gathering on Wednesday night, I was at Hummingbird movie premier by ChurpChurp.

I was wearing black that day and was undecided which to go to but I ended up to the movie as it would be more comfy for a sick girl to be at the movie than cramping with so many people. Any way I still ended up hospitalized =.=

Every time I see Jason Statham's name, I think of action movie and I like his movies a lot. However, don't be fool by the trailer as this is more of a thriller movie. Jason Statham is changing his character from someone who fights a lot to focusing into his acting skill on his emotions and character. You may still see him fighting in the movie as it's hard to entirely remove it from him. The movie is quite long overall to bring us into understanding the character of Joey (Jason Statham) but it's quite slow and a little boring. However, there's few parts that quite humorous in the movie and I wouldn't say that they movie is a bad one.

The movie is about Joey rehabilitating himself from the life on the streets as a damaged, homeless veteran. He was on a run from the military court martial due to a mission at Afghanistan. The only relation of the movie title is actually the illusion that Joey suffers due to the traumatic tour during his duty in Afghanistan. Hummingbird will appear every time he feels disturbed. In the process of rehabilitating, he fell in love with a nun. What surprised me is the nun that he fell in love with. She looks entirely different in her nun uniform and in the red dress. She has an accent that sometimes it's quite hard to capture what she says without subtitle.

There's more story to the movie but I'm not going to be spoiler any more. The cinematography is good but overall storyline is so so only lar...

Rating: 3/7

The following day was a movie premier for Star Trek Into Darkness. Didn't realized it was 3D until the moment I went into the cinema hall. Sick til blur already =.=!!

Return of Jim Kirk and Spock but I can't really recall the previous Star Trek movie. This movie makes me want to get all the old Star Trek and watch them.

But this movie is good. It's entertaining and also got me all excited. I love how Kirk cherishes each and everyone of his team not just as a friend but family. It's a well worth watching movie.

Rating: 5/7