Oblivion Movie Review

This is the 2nd movie I watched this year by Tom Cruise.

Won ChurpChurp movie premier but wasn't able to attend because I was out at Hong Kong. Sad lar. Forgotten about it that I will be away during that time but luckily a friend treated me to watch the movie. Hooray ;)

The movie trailer is very exciting and some how I thought it's more of a Wall E type whereby Jack Harper (Tom Cruise) went back to earth and found that there's hope for man kind to go back to our planet. But I was completely wrong. 

Kinda futuristic movie but I like the chopper that Jack was riding on. Very cool. The storyline is average but Tom Cruise acting is very good here. Some part of the movie doesn't make sense like how the people can survive so long without aging.

There's a twist to the movie but some how, what my friend said was that it resembles the movie Armageddon. World end and sacrificing for the loved one. Any way, the title itself, the word "Oblivion" means destruction/extinction/the state of being forgotten which kinda explain the situation the Earth is at in the movie. One funny thing that we talked about was that if there's a Jack Harper Tech 49 and Tech 51, there might be a possibility of 50 Jack Harpersssssss (Tech 1-51 minusing the one who sacrificed himself) who will come back to look for Julia.
Rating: 3.5/7