Ranting of a Malaysian

Q: Did election just happened yesterday?

A: It was only just a dream..........

Waking up as though nothing happened yesterday. But I can tell you that every Malaysian woke up with a different emotion. A complete different feeling as though the dream last night has awaken each and everyone of us.

As we mourn the death of democracy, we never forget the fire that's burning in our heart.

Instead of wearing black to commemorate the death of democracy, I added red to symbolized the fire within us. Just like the song from Les Miserables:

Do you hear the ppl sing? Singing the song of angry men.... You may have won the election but never the heart of the nation...

We, as Malaysians are not angry because a certain party won but we are all angry because it's not a fair election. We know that the change of leadership wouldn't be so fast especially the opposition has yet to win the heart of those from the outskirt. And I don't care who wins but just that I want them to win with pride. If our leader wins the election even by 2-3 votes but in a fair manner, we are all happy about it. With so many irregularities happening in our election, I felt cheated. Our leaders represents us to the world and are our examples yet................................ *speechless*

The whole world is watching and yet.............. so many things happened.

Firstly, I did not registered as a voter but my name was in the voting list. And I wanted a fair election that I decided to practice my rights to vote because my complain fell on deaf ears. You can read here.

Yet, on the election day itself we see Hantu (phantom/ghost voters) voting as Malaysian citizens. People who aren't Malaysians got fake ICs to vote.

Then there's the issue with vote using pencil is considered void. Don't you find it weird when the stationary is provided by our Election Commission (EC)? How come they put pencil there instead of pen?

What about our so called indelible ink? Did the EC bought inedible ink instead? It could be wash away with ordinary soap that even manicure last longer than it.

Here's my finger before and after washing my finger with plain soap and water.

Everyone was so proud doing their part as a Malaysian. This is the first time in history that there's a 80% turnout rate of registered voters. Compared to US (58%), Japan (60%) and France (72%).

And just when every Malaysian is high in spirit anticipating the outcome, patiently waiting for the counting to end, suddenly "blackout" happens and magic happened that the result turnaround. And the blackout only happens at the voting stations. How come it did not happen at the neighbourhood of that voting station?

And you can see police carrying vote ballots into the voting stations. And they are not ashamed doing this openly. I felt terribly ashamed that the whole world is watching what is happening at my beloved country.

There's way too many videos flooding in the internet and you can view there. Am not going to embed here.

My point here is that we, Malaysians stand united this time hoping for a better Malaysia but at the end, all we get is not a fair election. All we want is just a very clean election. Malaysians are writing petition to the White House and change.org. Also many has written to President Obama in his Facebook page.

And this election united Malaysians regardless of skin colours yet in the winning speech, there's racist connotation of a Chinese tsunami. How do you expect us to trust in you to place attention to national unity when you are the one who speaks racist-ly?

Janji Ditepati? But on the first day of winning already "tidak ditepati". Although it's unofficial announcement that you will declare a national holiday on 6 May if you won the election, I see none. It's not that I wanted the holiday but it shows that you never keep to your word.

We are sad and disappointed that even the sky cried for us. It's been raining so heavily for so many hours and it's still drizzling out there. Let's hope for a better future. Even if all our petitions do not work now, in the next 5 years we will see a stronger and more united nation fighting for what's right. You may have win the election but you have lost your RAKYAT.

I will not say anything as everything is back to the same. Just like a dream, nothing happened but an emotion has been incepted within us. We can only hope that the current leader will do his best to improvise Malaysia.