After Earth Movie Review

Thanks to Nuffnang for the After Earth premier though it was a few days after the movie was on screen.

Always find that it's a cliche that every time during the last assignment, the main hero will encounter something big/ dangerous. Similarly in this movie when Will Smith said to his wife that he will announce his retirement after returning from his trip. And thus, his ship encountered a big thing

The story is by Will Smith and can see that he is trying to change the focus to his son, Jaden. Seems like he is paving for his son... What do you think so? But it's still a movie with a storyline. A typical story but still funny. Hardly to get movie with only 2 actors and wouldn't bore the hell out of you.

"Danger is real. But fear is a choice" is a good saying. A friend said that "in order to overcome our fear, we must understand our fear" but it's easily said than done. People fear of the future, something they can't see but anticipates. To tell you to stop thinking about the future is impossible as what we are doing, we focus on achieving our dream/ambition in the future. Too much to ponder about this and I will just leave it to your own thoughts.

Rating: 3.5/7