Badges of Fury Premier Review

Thanks Nuffnang and Churp Churp for the movie invite.

Seriously, I didn't watch the trailer before going to the movie so I wasn't expecting anything at all. When the screen started rolling, I was questioning whether it is the movie or was it just trailers of upcoming movies. It turn out I was wrong. It's the movie rolling with Kevin Cheng on screen. 

It's not the typical Jet Li movie but a super lame yet FUNNY movie. I didn't expect Jet Li to be starring in such "comedy cum action movie". Though the jokes in the movie is lame, you will laugh and ended up going home with a light heart :) You will really "za dao" in most of the conversation but I was LMAO / ROFL. You can hear many giggling over the lameness of the jokes in it.

Don't take the movie so seriously like the usual Jet Li movie because mostly everything is exaggerated with some part of the fight being in slowmo or just doesn't make sense. The focus wasn't much on Jet Li while Wen Zhang is the lead actor. Together with both stars, there's a lot of familiar faces in this movie such as Michael Tse, Stephen Fung, Raymond Lam, Alex Fong and more. What about female actress? I know 2 - Michelle Chen from You Are The Apple Of My Eyes and Cecilia Liu (China actress). I was actually wondering who is the main actress because the amount of focus on both are quite balance.

The movie is in Cantonese and not in Mandarin as per the trailer. They actually acted in Mandarin as I noticed some parts where there are slight differences between the lip movement and the conversation.

Rating: 3/7

The movie's gonna be on screen this 28 June :)