FF6 Review

FF6 - Fast & Furious 6 and not Final Fantasy 6. Hehehe... I got this mistaken in a Whatsapp message from a friend.

Watched this movie without much expectation as I was not so into car race movie recently. But it turns out better than that. The storyline is different for every Fast & Furious movies. They may differ but some how related. A lot of action in this movie and kinda miss it cause the other time when I watched Hummingbird, it wasn't "satisfied". Lol....

The movie is good. Storyline is good but at the end 2 sacrifices instead of 1. Is it worth it? But live life with no regrets. At least sacrificing for someone/something that you love is well-worth.

Any way, somebody I like shows up at the end of the movie. Guess there will be FF7 and I will definitely watch it because of him :)

Rating: 5/7 (When you don't hold any expectation to a movie, it's always more enjoyable)