Guerlain Maxime Poulin in Malaysia

Guerlain is famous for its Meteorites Perles which is not just an illuminating powder/highlighter but a very good loose powder. Reason being is because it's very light and sheer :)

It's pretty ♥

It's actually a constellation of pearls that correct, unify and highlight the face. I'm not a person who is into super thick makeup. I don't really do makeup unless if I'm going to work or some very big event. Any way I love this product a lot. It's light and unnoticeable. Really super sheer and bright. It illuminates the skin well.

This June, Malaysia early to launch its limited edition Meteorites Perles which is a limited edition packaging. Only available while stocks last.

Left: Limited Edition.
Right: Standard packaging.

I still prefer the standard packaging. What about you?

In conjunction with the launch of the limited edition Meteorites Perles, Guerlain International Makeup Artist - Maxime Poulin is here in Malaysia only for 2 days (7-8 June). He was at Sephora KLCC today to do flash makeup to customers.

Him attending a customer.

And here's me before (I did my own makeup) and after touch up by Maxime:

My cheek bone and nose bridge was highlighted by the Meteorites Perles. I looked pale so he added blusher and bright pink lip gloss. More colour on me. Which do you prefer? Left or right?

If you see a "cute" girl giving out balloons at Sephora, that's me. Lol :) And here's me explaining the product to a customer. Nope. I'm not a salesperson. I'm never a salesperson material but since this is a good product, I think it's worth sharing my thoughts and I think it will sell on its own.

Cute macaroons as gift today......

Maxime is still around tomorrow.... I mean today. Do come over for a visit tomorrow at Sephora Starhill tomorrow for a flash makeup :)