Hot Steel

Was invited to Hot Magazine Man Of Steel Event the other night at The Curve – House & Cineplex.
Hot as Steel

The event was attended by few hot guys: Ben Ibrahim, Peter Davis, Arnold of ONE FC Fighter, Mark’Odea

And hot and pretty Nadia Heng.

Yet attended another event hosted by Kelvin and Isabelle from Traxx FM. They were like Santa Claus and Santarini. Giving out a lot of gifts byby DC, Ferragamo, Guerlain and more.

After dinner at the House, we adjourned to Cineplex for Man Of Steel movie.

Heard many different opinions on the movie. Some said it was good while some said it was bad. Some said they can forego the story as long as there’s Henry Cavill to watch. Many think that he is super hot but then he’s not my cup of tea. I think he is way too big. The body-built is a bit over.

Any way I think that the movie is a disappointment. Not as what I expected of all DC movie. I was bored half way through the movie.

I feel that the movie lack of something. The storyline is average only even though I never read on how it all begins for Superman. Too sci-fi, too exaggerated and many missing points in the story.

Rating: 3/7
Still, I appreciated the movie invite and I didn’t walk home empty handed.

Within, I got this super big (L size) Superman T-Shirt by DC Comic in the doorgifts. Wished that it was a “XS” or “S” size.