The Only Man Whom You Love Your Whole Life

Today's is Father's Day and I've been giving a thought to what people always say that your dad is your first love, your hero, etc.... and I kinda think that it's not just it - he's also the only man whom you will love your whole life. Reason?

You love your dad the moment you come to know things. You will love him forever be it having him by your side or not. This is something your partner will not be able to replace. Why? You only meet your partner as your grew older. That means you have never love your partner at the beginning of your life.

So, to all father in the world, Happy Father's Day. You are all a hero and the love of the lifetime for someone even if you think you are normal and haven't done anything great. In every child's heart, you are irreplaceable.

And there's also another person whom you will love your whole life - your mum.