ChaTime Malaysia Local Fruit Smoothies

It's been a week since I blogged about my health and I can see improvement. Managed to finish my weekly walk without getting very tired. After that, was bought to Mines Wellness Hotel for its rejuvenating massage.  Super enjoy it and never had such massage until the tummy. Ticklish but really relax all my nerves and muscles. P/S: It's a belated birthday gift. Thanks :)

Then spent my day at............ Churpers' Day Out.

Told Ray that the Day Out felt like a school rombongan. LOL!

Remembering back in college that Bubble Tea used to be RM2.50-RM3. In 2010, Chatime brought a wave that revolutionized the whole bubble tea industry. People were queuing up for a cup RM5.90 bubble tea. Then more and more bubble tea shops mushroomed in the country. However, Chatime managed to stay at the top of the leaderboard with the opening of its 100th outlets in Malaysia.

 It's at Publika but I think the outlet kinda secluded. I walked a few 
rounds around Publika only managed to find it. Ended up I was late for the
8pm gathering. LOL!

In conjunction with its 100th outlets opening, Chatime introduced the FruiTea Fuel Up! series.

Four new drinks were introduced: Pear Juice, Pear Fruit Green Tea,
Honeydew Milk Tea and Honeydew Smootea.

We tried the Honeydew Milk Tea:

It's very sweet. So, when you try it out, remember to ask for less sugar like what I always do to be healthy. LOL! Hehehe... Anyway, I still prefer my good ol' passion fruit green tea, less sugar, with pearl.

Chatime has always been in support with the local arts and this can be seen from the Chatime B Card

Got mine without applying. Happy ^^

And in support, Chatime actually sponsored Makanlah Buah-Buahan Tempatan (MB-BT) Exhibition '13 by Little Ideas Everyday  (L.I.E) to promote local art and local fruit appreciation in the country.

The exhibition only until 14 July.

Showing you my favorite art among those shown:

An interesting one whereby you closed your right eye and use your left eye to focus on the right side of the art. The fruit on the eyes will slowly disappear.

In support of the MB-BT, Chatime will be launching the King of Fruit Smootea on 1 August.

Durian SmooTea

It's very sweet and I think it kinda taste like melted durian ice-cream potong. But if you wanna try, really do remember to ask for less sugar ;)

And did you realize the cover of the Chatime cup? 
It's designed by Mini Fan Fan.

And it won me a cute t-shirt:

A banana with a banana t-shirt. Love it.
What's more with the current minion craze

And everyone didn't walk home empty handed. Got these Line dolls and I loved them a lot

That they now become part of my collection

Each of us also received posters on the arts from the MB-BT 2013

The poster cover.

And Chatime merchandising:
With Chatime voucher too

Spot the Chatime magnet :)

Not to be forgotten, a final group picture for the Churpers' Day Out

You can view more picture here.