Despicable Me 2

My first Despicable Me was back in 2010. Can you imagine it that was 3 years ago and the little minions kinda reminds me of how my friends used to be. Bullying each other and still buddies. Cute max but I no longer really contact them any more. Kinda miss that time.

Went and watched the first one with Banana (my friend's nickname for being Chinese but can't speak Chinese) so relevant with the teaser below and kinda reminds me that this was the last movie I watched with him before we started working and getting busy with life.

So, when Nuffnang asked to post a comment onto a friend's FB timeline, I chose him.... Hehehe. Any way he is very inactive in FB thus no comment was made.

Love Despicable Me the first time I saw it and definitely not going to miss this movie... But it was thanks to ChurpChurp that I get to watch this movie earlier before it's on screen

Woot woooot... Cute yellow minions turn into bad minions (p/s: no more other spoilers). But still so cutie pie The whole movie is so cute, farnie and adorable. And very worth watching.

Rating: 6/7

And the unexpected is that we walked away with the 3D specs. There's no one standing to collect it. It's so comfy that I can wear it for other 3D movies the next time. Don't have to wear those not so comfy specs that will hurt the side of the ear. Thanks Mr Sponsor :)

Almost a week later to blog about this but very busy. Actually kinda tired and sleepy now but if I don't blog about it, it's gonna be after the movie went on screen before I blog. Til then! Have a good night