If I Were A Naughty Smurfette for a Day…

I smurf watching The Smurfs cartoon every time it's on TV together with my bro. And I definitely didn't miss out on the first Smurfs movie

My siblings and I loved Smurfette a lot that we have the fridge magnet back at home:

Sorry the pic is blur because it's taken many years back with my old phone.
She's on the top row and spot Gargamel which we always separate both of them
and he is always located far away from Smurfette.
A childhood impression to separate Smurfette from harm.

I think that magnets are almost 20 years old. Hahaha... That's how good my mum keep things.

I went to Chiang Mai few days after watching The Smurf and I even got myself a Smurfette t-shirt there

And The Smurf 2 is coming soon. OMG!

What's more Gargamel is trying to change my favourite Smurf to be a Naugthies. Being naughty and mischievous are fun. But Smurfette is going to change colour if she becomes truly naughty. Oh no.... I don't think Gargamel's plan is going to work.

Imagine a sweet sweet smurf, who is good and kind in nature. She wouldn't do any harm towards others. She may be naughty in one way or another just for fun but in the long run, she will start to feel bad on the thing that she did and had hurt someone's feeling.

In the end, she will stay a true blue but not only that....

My guess is that her goodness will infect the Naughties created by Gargamel - Vexy and Hackus that they will turn BLUE toooooo.

In the end, everyone will go singing La la la-la la la, sing a happy song..... except for one ;)

What do you think?