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The dream of every girl is to eat without getting fat. It's always very unfair that we usually gain weight so fast and so easily but losing is another story. It's like you have to go through so many hardship and only able to reduce that little itsy bitsy teenie weenie grams that you ended up gaining after a meal.

And I agreed even more during a conversation with Adam when he said, there's also an unfairness in losing weight between a guy and a girl. A guy can lose weight any time he wants but for girls after all those hardship, the plan will usually go down the drain because of the monthly period where you start to get bloated and hungry. So true *le sigh*

I used to be 38 kg but after started working, I weight keeps going up. Even after I started my weekly jog, it's still to no avail. Every time I control my diet (eating healthily, no snacks), I lose only around 1-2 kgs and this takes me a very long period to achieve and it refused to go down lesser than 40kg. FML.

Last week, I actually lost 700g in just 2 hours without even exercising. How? I was given a chance by London Weight Management to try out London's Signature Lavender Slimming Treatment.

I had my session at the outlet in Boulevard, Mid Valley and had a one on one treatment session. They said that the treatment guarantees up to 3kg or 8-22cm loss in the first session. There's NO pills, injections, crash diet and strenuous exercises for all the treatment.

The one who registered me took a record of my height and weight and then asked me to fill-in a form with my physical condition. I was asked to wait in a room before they arranged someone to come and bring me around.

While waiting
I was introduced to my personal consultant - Yuki. She is very friendly and good :) However, I think they missed out the first step during my session as there weren't any explanation on the treatment that will be on going. I felt a bit uncomfortable at first because I do not know what is happening.

Luckily Yuki (who knew that this was the first time I had such session) explained to me every time we move into another step. We were asked to strip down to a towel clad around the body.
P/S: Similar to how we go for a full body massage.

They provided us with slippers to change

And a locker to put all our belonging inside.

We started off with the steam. It is said that the steam treatment will help invigorate the mind and soul from daily stresses. The steam also helps to drain out excess water from the body and improve blood circulation. I sweat quite a lot inside the steam room.

The steam room which we have to stay inside for 10 minutes.
We were given a small wet towel to cover the nose for easy breathing.

10 minutes seems very long inside and throughout the treatment I kept having this image in my mind:

Inner peace. Try finding inner peace while waiting for time to past.

Yuki told me that it was a aroma steam that helps to open up the body pores to maximize results from the next treatment steps which is the Lavender Scrub. This is done is a room where they used salt from the dead sea added with lavendar essential oil to scrub away dead skin cells. They gave a packet of sea salt scrub for me to take back and I tried it on my own, my skin feels so smooth and silky. Lol! It's even smoother than when I used milk bath.

After the scrub, I was wrapped in a hot blanket like the picture below:

P/S: I didn't carry my phone along since first step because it is very inconvenience and as such, most pictures in the blog are taken much later or from London Weight Management.

I was sweating like crazy in the hot blanket and apparently this step is where the excess water and toxin from the body are flushed out. Supposed to refresh the fatigue body. The wrapping takes 20 minutes and we were left alone in the room. Yuki is nice enough to come in at the 10th minute to help me wipe my sweat away from the face since I was completely wrapped like a dumpling. LOL.

When I have too much spare time around, my mind starts to wander. I wish I can really let it rest but I think one thing that they should improvise is the wall of the rooms. I can hear people bathing and talking outside even when the door is closed.

Yuki unwrapped me after 20 minutes and I was given some time to shower. After that, we go to the last step - Ampoule & Machine. Imagine exercising while lying down. So cool wei.... Before we start, Yuki took measurement all around my hips, thigh, waist, etc. Then she applied ampoule on my body (focusing on the parts that I wanted to reduce my fats) The ampoule burns fat and the machine treatment helps stimulate the muscles and boost the body's metabolism. This step will help break up stubborn fat deposits in the body and burn it.

This is how it looks using the machine:

And brace yourself because the feeling of the machine is very odd at first experience. It felt like you got electric shock. But after a while, you start to get used to it though I don't really like the feeling of it. This steps take 30 minutes long. I was finger-crossing for the time to pass faster. But hey, this is way better compared to the body aches after extensive exercising. Hahahahah....

I lost 8.8cm overall (hip+ waist + thigh + my flabby arm + etc).

At the end of the session, they gave me a slimming kit worth RM468 so that I can try out back at home which includes the following:
  • Sea salt scrub (1 pack) which I have already used. Hehe...
  • 1 Oxy Trimming Gel 15ml
  • 1 Body Trim Fluid 15ml

The Product Kit

Right now, they are giving away a FREE London Slimming Treatment and product kit for new female customers aged 22 and above with weight problem. All you need to do is to redeem through this link.

Or you can easily SMS to 32828 the following detail: TVBLG (RM1/SMS).

By the way, being curious, I asked Yuki how much does one session cost and she told me it's above RM1,000. She advised to take a package. A 10-session package cost around RM3,900 and the more session you take, the cheaper the package it per session.

P/S: I think I gained back my 700g after supper. LOL! 1-session will never be enough. I think what I lost during the session is just water retention.