The Conjuring Review

I'm a horror movie fan but then not much horror movie get to freak me out. I watched horror movie ever since I was young. Most remembered was a Chinese series called The Chinese X File back in primary school. I usually watched it with my mum during the late night.

I think recent years horror flicks don't really managed to scare me. I think Thai & Jap/Korea horror movies are way better than Western. Don't know why but they are good. Til date, I think best would be The Ring. Ju On too though I was laughing halfway because my ex-housemates were making fun of the ghost.

Though this is based on a true story, it kinda reminds me of a lot of other horror movies. A lot of similarity. The suspense, the way the "devil" appears..... But I can hear a girl's panic sound and the whole hall was laughing at it. OMG! A horror cum not horror when it's funny.

RG was laughing and said that the people in the hall is crazy like me. Yeah! I sometimes laugh when I watch horror movie. Cause when I'm scared, I laugh it away. LOL! Any way I still close my ears as usual while watching this movie. I guess it's a habit while watching horror movie. Many finds it weird because usually people close their eyes. I told them this, I wouldn't close my eyes because I don't want to miss the scary part. I close my ears but actually I can still hear the sound. I just don't want it to be so loud and also it kinda help me prepare myself for the unexpected. Hahaha... I'm a freaaaaaak!

There's some part where I tend to think it's creepy especially given the thought that this really happens a long time back. I just think that after watching so much horror flicks, they tend to be feel very similar. Like what DC once told me, in a horror movie, the ghost will appear right upfront then it wouldn't appear in the 15-20 minutes after. Or it will not appear immediately at the beginning and it will only appear after 15-20 minutes into the movie. Reason being is the first 15-20 minutes are used to instill the fear/suspense feeling.

Maybe our thoughts may differ. It may not be scary to me but it has a very good storyline. P/S: True story ma.. However, many has given good reviews to this movie. What says you?

Rating: 3/7

Thanks Churp Churp for the movie passes