Elysium simply means a place or state of perfect happiness. So, in this movie there's Earth and there's Elysium. Earth in the future is over populated and polluted. Elysium is a place for the rich where there's no poverty, war nor sickness, How would you have choose?

I didn't watch the movie trailer so I didn't even know what the movie is about. Lol! Until I watch it. I think it's an average movie. The movie kinda reminds me of 2012, In Time, .... and Dam Dam actually managed to speak that out on capitalism. It's so typical yet so true. The rich becomes richer and the poor just cant do anything but to strive and make changes.

A bit long to build the story and action starts coming at the end. The whole movie makes better with the appearance of Matt Damon. Hehehe... Like him since watching Bourne. LOL.

Rating: 3/7