Suddenly have the urge to blog. Remember few weeks back some of the pics in this blog were missing? While I was fixing it, I read through the whole blog til the very first post. I started this blog back in 2007 and it was just sort of a personal diary – a platform to vent my feeling too. Partly, I also hope that blogging in English will help me maintain my English level*
*I’ve been speaking way in Mandarin after learning it back in 2001 that I get tongue-tied speaking in English. Not good!

P/S: If you are wondering why this blog has so little post for the year 2007/2008/2009, it’s because I have a second blog that time (which I’ve abandoned) and also because I deleted most of the post. Plus I was lazy toooooo.

My purpose of blogging changed in 2010. Watching Triumph In The Sky II on how Holiday has been emailing Daniel made me feel so related to why I continued blogging.

However, I realized how depressed I was that time. I’ve been sharing a lot of positive quote. Reflecting my action, it’s me trying to tell myself to be happy, stay strong, and be positive. But loopholes can be seen when some of my post were emotional.

Blogging is a habit but it became more frequent that time so I can update what I had done/been doing though it might just be me comforting myself that somebody is reading my blog. But slowly, I realized that I’m blogging just for the pure sake of blogging.

Blogging is now an interest. I never thought that I will become an active blogger but we shall see where it leads. I might quit one day but right now it’s still the platform for me to vent my feelings, to share my thoughts and also to maintain my English standard.

Any way, just watched til the part where Holiday finally moved on. People come, people go.

To the past and current - to those who choose to stay, to care, to love; thank you. To those who choose to leave, to hurt, to take advantage; I thank you for the lessons taught. I knew more things than you think I don’t. I just act ignorance because there’re many things that should just be left as it is.

I intend not just to leave my current work but also people whom I shouldn't be hanging around too much but that doesn't mean it's bad. Every ending signifies a new beginning. Change is the only constant in life. And am looking forward to the new challenge ahead. Too many pessimists make an optimist a pessimist...

Sunrise. Took this picture while traveling back to
my hometown. It was 7-ish am that time.

Holiday is a character that’s a total 360 different from who I am. Apart from being an optimist, she's a risk taker and also has a courage that I never had. I have always wished I’ve done what Holiday did – to go away for a while to seek/search for the unknown answer. I took a month break after my internship hiding at the vicinity of home and acted like nothing happened. Then I “indulged” myself with work til now. A break and getaway are what I need and am totally anticipating the coming change. I’ve been saying that I wanted to go to Singapore to work ever since I graduated. Even though til today I’ve yet to find that courage to do so, am looking forward to my short stay there. Hopefully one day, I will be able to build up that courage to do so. For now, let me enjoy my holiday there ;)

Saw this video on Facebook and love it a lot. Click and watch as I can’t embed it here. I find it very meaningful. It’s time for me to venture out of my comfort zone and move on to learning zone. And hopefully one day, I will be able to open up and move to the magic zone. For now, it’s one baby step at a time. It’s time for me to take a leap of faith.