The Purge Review

Watched the trailer and thought it's a very interesting concept.

However, after watching the movie, it's a nah... The whole storyline only happens because of ones stupidity. And the whole Purge concept, makes the character in the movie inhuman. Just like a beast. The story already not that good what's more with the couple of girls who're talking non stop in the movie. *a@f#!3# Hello!!! It's so annoying and inconsiderate for everyone who's watching the movie!!! Someone even tried to quiet them but fail miserable. They just stopped for that little 1 second and then continue talking. WTF!!!

My movie buddy said if he could purge like right on the spot, he would have purge those girls sitting next to me. The word "purge" means "physically remove (something) completely" but I kept thinking of diarrhea (as the other term for it was purging). So, he's kinda shitting them out of the cinema hall. Lol

The whole movie is sort of a waste of time but it keeps you pondering this: given the chance for you to do whatever you can, committing any crime without any consequences by the law, what will you do?

 No matter how hard I tried, I will never look creepy.
*Super fail*

The first thought that came to mind isn't about killing because that's so inhuman but maybe stealing from the rich/ robbing the bank. Yet it's not even happening in the movie. Damn!

Rating: 1.5/7

Thanks Churp Churp for the premiere passes