The Smurf 2 Review

This is up first thing after I watched the premier just a few hours ago. Hehehe... Any way, don't think I can sleep after waking up from a....... memory earlier today. It's worst than a nightmare as nightmare tends to go off but memories that shatter you into pieces don't.

However, Monday BLUE is not that BLUEEEEEE when it's The Smurf 2. It really cheers me up.

They are back in action and this time to save Smurfette. A nice movie where you will laugh all the way from the start til the end. Heart-warming as always but just lack a little more excitement compared to the first one. But still a great way to end a Monday Blue. I'm smurfing it and I hope you will enjoy it tooo....

Rating: 5/7

Thanks to Nuffnang, I won a Smurf recycle bag and t-shirt from my previous blog post. But don't read if you don't want a spoiler as my guess for the conclusion was correct. LOL... Hehehe