Haven't blog in a while and was thinking what to write first and think that this would be a good simple one to start off. Let just say it's a big change for me lately ~ shifted to a new place, getting use to staying with different family member, different responsibilities, left my job, beginning a new journey... Talking about change, it's the only constant which is inevitable yet feared by many.

My new bedroom

I'm thinking that this change is a good one. Was looking back at an old post back in 2012. I was unable to let go off what I wanted and loved back in the past. But a recent dream made me realized that I'm glad to be where I am and who I am now. I dream of changing what happened in the past. I tweaked it the way I wanted it to be and got what I wanted BUT I awoke crying because I don't want the change. LOL! If given the chance to go back, I would never change a thing because I would lose a lot of things that I've gained over these few years. People whom I cared for and also new dreams & directions.

And I've come to love advertising and marketing as work is not rigid (all about numbers) but all about creativity and constant change. I would say that not taking accountancy is not that bad after all. Why dwell with the past and blame dad for stopping me to study accounts? I should thank him for getting me to try something different.

And it's kinda funny how life is as I'm some how closer with what I've wanted last time yet in a different way. I'm doing something 100% related to Accounting and if there's a possibility, I might pursue it - which means a higher studies if I really do so. LOL! Talking about walking down different path in life.

Not only that, I've become more independent after learning to drive. It's been a year since I started to really drive.

Got my car on 22 September though road tax stated 18 Sep.
Happy Anniversary my dear baby.

Talking about my baby, I've never been so poor in my life til the extend where I can't afford to pay my road tax which is just only RM90. Main reason was the insurance company owing me my claim. Really FML during those few months of my life. Shoestring budget. Finally got my claims to return to my interest free loaners. Hehehe... Have to make sure that I don't get back into such situation any more. Health really is wealth.

One lesson learn as well is to take time to be contented with little things in life. They are happiness that money can't buy. I.e. enjoying a hot glass of honey lemon and reading a good book at the balcony.

Little things in life is a blessing but it's just that you don't realize.

Change is something that everyone can't avoid so don't fear it but enjoy the ride. Life after all is a journey of changes.