Of black or coloured hair

I always have very very black hair. It's a 01 black colour that most hair stylist told me that it's an envy for everyone who wants really black hair. Cause commonly people hair slightly brownish hair under the sun which is unhealthy.

I have always loved my black black hair that the thought of dyeing it is nil. I had even mentioned before that I will not dye my hair until after my wedding (LOL. I was an unrealistic dreamer) because I wanted my wedding album taken with me with my dark black hair. I'm afraid dyeing my hair and as it grows, the black will not be as pretty and also the hair might be damaged.

When I started my previous job, the bosses asked me to dyed my hair so that I would look more "stylish". I refused because that's against my principal. But what is the problem being black? We are Asian and black is pretty. Why should we defy who we are?

Me & my solid black hair

But then I went and dyed my hair recently just before I'm leaving the company. Lol. How come such a sudden change? That's maybe because I was trying to change. Anticipating change and also don't know which screw in me is loose.

I wanted to back off a week before my appointment but then decided to just go with it. Here I'm with Aveda colour experience

 Me & my new hair colour. The perm is a non permanent
curl done by Aveda trainer.  Love it. Thank you

A clearer picture of the colour

My experience: the hair is normal like what I used to have when it's dry. But when it is wet, it is a complete different story. It's hard and I can't wash like normal. My hair tend to tangle. And the colour doesn't last long. My friend said that it's more brown right now and it kinda made me look yellowish :(

This is taken from the same angle and lighting.
It's more brownish and yellowish now :(
This is just after 3 washes.

P/S: I'm not a beauty blogger because I don't think I have the expertise to do so. But here's a review of what I really experience.