Oktoberfest – For The Love Of Beer…

OMG. It's so fast that September is coming to an end which means... OKTOBERFEST is coming and which means BEERS!!!

Cheers... Wooooots...

Beer cravings. Sketched this in the middle of the night.
Submitted it for #madeofmore instagram contest and 
won an Instax camera ♥
Though I've been drinking lesser these 1-2 months due to my health, (immune system is down from a post viral infection. I was building it back up), I've started to drink back.

Since I haven't drank for a long time, I bought a can of beer to satisfy my craving on Saturday. LOL! Enjoyed it at the balcony of my new place ;) I was by myself that day but I wouldn't say I was drinking alone as Ray was having a can of Heineken at his place while we were chatting over Whatsapp. What's beer without a good companion to chat with?

I've fallen in love drinking beer but it's also the chatting session and the heart-to-heart talk that make it awesome. I miss drinking with my bff, CK.

Free flow Tiger Beers with CK back then. 

It's been a while since she's busy with her life and also preparing for her ROM and wedding next year. We had talk about a gal drinking sessions together at my place with another bff, Chee Thin as we have never drink together before since knowing each other for 7 years.

Drinking sessions is a completely different level when it's in a group. However, it's always different drinking with girl bff (girls talk) and guy friends where we simply "blow water". My usual morning exercise kaki Darren & Keane is also my night drinking kaki to blow water.

Our Guinness session few months back at Jaya One.

Since NNFoodFest falls on Octobers, Guinness Anchor Berhad (GAB) is bringing Oktoberfest to Nuffnangers at Bistro32, Sunway Pyramid. GAB is giving 40 sets of 6x beer coupons. If I were to get 1 set of coupons, I would be drinking with all the friends I've mentioned above. Yes, total 5 of them and the last pint goes to me! I wouldn't be left out from drinking wouldn't I?

Learn more about Oktoberfest at their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/OktoberfestMY