Plan B

For the love of food. You do realize I have a lot of food pics in my Instagram right?

I haven't blog about my food adventure for a long time. I like going to Plan B and kinda love the name of the place. It's like how everyone likes to go for a Plan B when they don't like Plan A or when the first plan doesn't work.

2 of my favourite there are Turkey Ham & Cheese Toastie

And also Asian Style Soft-Shell Crab Spaghetti which I forgot to take the pic.

Both of the above I can highly recommend.

Other spaghetti that I've tried is



Wild Mushroom Linguine

which I think is average only.

Something nice for breakie there would be the Egg Benedict (RM16)

But I always have no chance to order the dessert because I'm always super full after my main courses. Wanted to try the chocolate cakes there... I shall find one day to go there just for desserts.

Oh... since I can't drink coffee, can't comment much on it but there's 2 very refreshing drinks that you can try.

First is the Lychee Lime Frostie

Refreshing and also of course you must love the mint inside

Second is the Watermelon Lychee Frostie which I didn't take picture as well even after going there so many rounds. *Sorry*

Rating: 4.5/7

P/S: The service at Paradigm Mall is very bad especially if you are seated outside. Walao eh. The waiter even give you "face" to see. He will even treat you bad mannerly. Suck big time man. One of the incident occurred just a month back. The waiter rudely asked Mr A and me to change back to our initial table when we moved to another because the table behind was making so many noises. That time, there's a lot of unoccupied table. How rude... Can't remember the name. Else I would definitely file for a complain.