Black black week

Been feeling very bad luck this whole week. I was nearly crashed by a driver in black car plate number 6988 on Saturday while on my way to Kiss Me event at Sunway Lagoon. Stupid driver. If he rammed into me my left gonna be a goner. And luckily the right driver was alerted by my honk that he avoided me. Else i would have rammed into him.

Then I sprained my leg.

And then I felt so stupid because I bang my left side mirror out while I was parking. Don't know why I was not focused at all. It's going to cost me at least RM500.

And TNB is so effff that they cut my electricity bill because I didn't pay for a month when they didn't even send the bill to me. F*** stupid lor. And The house account has almost 1k deposit with them. Idiots.

And my pc decided to join in the fun and let out smoke for me. Now I'm forced to blog with my iPhone. 

I wanna say I'm damn black 黑上加黑. But I like what my friend said. Good times will come after the bad. Ciao. Will blog about Kiss Me event and Nuffnang Food Fest when I got the chance. Gonna be away for the weekend